Web Design

TotalScope Marketing, LLC provides affordable consultation and web design expertise to its marketing partners.  While many other companies provide websites at high costs to the client, our goal is to provide custom, unique, and dynamic web sites at affordable prices.

Our design philosophy is that every business is unique, and therefore, its website should reflect its individual personality and message.  Research shows that businesses can benefit greatly from having a website.  TotalScope Marketing helps it partners reach their marketing goals through the medium of the Internet.

We generally use open-source software to create effective websites without the cost of infrastructure development.  What that means, is that we save time and money.  We create websites and microsites that are accessible on any current web browser and any computer operating system, whether it is Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Solaris.  All websites go through extensive testing on various computer systems to guarantee functionality.  We follow the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) under the Web Accessibility Initiative, which aims to make the Internet universally accessible.  These guidelines include standards for creating web content that is readily accessible for the hearing and visually impaired.

If you’re looking to expand your marketing strategy to the online world, TotalScope Marketing is your best source for achieving your goals! View our Electronic Marketing Services.

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